Pontiac, Illinois

HSBC GM card did not credit the $1000 above minumum payment to the highest interest rate.I have made several calls all assuring me it was done right but each one giving me a different reason why it is right.

When given the numbers they say numbers on statement are not accurate and can not make the numbers work at all. They don't have access to any previous statements. They say the previous person gave me wrong information. The e-mail they sent me said "Any excess payment amount is applied across all credit plans, beginning with the highest APR credit plan and progressing to the lowest APR credit plan" I have been told on 1/3/11 that the supervisors boss will call me back next day, still have not heard from them.

On 1/6/11 after more than an hour on phone the supervisor is calling me back on 1/24/11 to see if I am happy with the way that bill is applied.I am not paying extra until I get proper credit for it.

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