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This is very painful for me to become a HSBC customer, I got a credit card from HSBC credit card champagne scheme.At offer they said there is no annual charges, I never used this card for any transaction and there is no overdue amount to bank.

Bank put some annual charges at the year end which they reversed also himself. I requested to bank to close my account as this card was not being used for me from a long time, There is no payment due from my side and everything is clear.

After this HSBC put as a WRITTEN OFF satus in CIBIL report which looses my credit history this is very ridicules and don't except this kind of behavior from a MNC bank.I am fed up now from HSBC and feeling very disgusting that I was a customer of HSBC and writing this to you now.HSBC will lose its credibility also in future from this kind of behavior

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