I recieved a letter from a magistrate in Pennsylvania stating civil action was taken against me from Pallisades Collection from Camp Hill Pa from a charged-off account from HSBC from a card I had over 4 years ago.Pallisades stated that they have tried to contact me several times via mail and phone.

Well I never recieved ANYTHING through the mail and Never recieved telephone calls either. The outstanding amount was only a little over $750 but then they tacked another $150 in interest bringing the amount around $1000! I heard they are a very fraudulent CA and they will also bring on bank levy's on a person also. Furthermore there was only a date of a hearing and not a time of when (which is supposed to be on the document) which is telling me that the Ca more than likely made this summons up themselves (they are on record for doing this also).

I tried to contact them also but to my surprise the line is either busy (most of the time) or just rings.

What can I do before they pull another stunt that is more jeopardizing to me?

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