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I just got off the phone with one of your consumer relations personal and I found her very demeaning. I have had an account with our company for 5+ years ( accnt no: 5491100015081444) and have always been pleased with your business.

My problem is that I didn't realize that you also deal with Direct Merchants Bank, who I also have an account with. I made my payment to HSBC not understandint that it was Direct Merchants andnot Household Bank, so I have a late fee of $39. and a over limit fee of $39. which she would not budge with.

I believe that I pay enough with interest on these cards and that knowing my circumstance she could have helped me out with these charges. She would not and as a matter of fact, she was very rude. I then cancelled my card, this has always been one of the better credit cards butafter talking to that lady, I am very dissapointed.


Sandra L. Ecklid (906)475-6236

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I hope you get this post. Ummmm, you're kind of a dits and here's why.

You posted your name, account number, and a phone number on a PUBLIC web site.

Get this removed ASAP for your safety. This is not a site that is directly linked to HSBC and this is viewed by ANYOne with internet access.

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